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Dapper Seoul

Great customer service. Always willing to work with customers to make things right. Excellent products and selections. Highly recommend.

Ernesto Viloria
1930's spear point collar Shirts

Just Amazing out standard work A+++++++++the spear point collar came out as I was expecting give the Shirts a real Vintage touch!!
Something else very good Communication very Customer oriented !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you..........

Friedrich Lersch MD

Very forthcoming service, great fabrics and craftsmanship 👍👍👍


très satisfait du service et du résultat

I really wanted it to work, but adjustments based on photos mostly made pants worse

I have now received 4 pairs of paints from Luxire. One pair was decent, but the remaining was not. I really wanted this to work, and they might be good with several things, but I would be very hesitant to have paints made with their recommended adjustments based on photos.

The first pair of pants, which was based on my measurements, was usable but certainly not optimal - very baggy in the crotch and the butt. I assumed this first pair could be my fault, since I made the measurements. The second pair of pants, where I asked for adjustments based on photos of me wearing the first pair, was better, but still remained quite baggy behind. These pants were the best. When I ordered a third pair and requested improvements based on the photos of my second pair, I got a pair that was completely unusable. The seam in the butt was so tight the pants couldn't be worn. I paid $60 for a remake based on photos of the third pair, but unfortunately the fourth pair was just marginally better, and a lot worse than the second pair. It has way to much fabric in the crotch, and if I pull the pants up enough that it looks decent from the front, the back seam it is way to tight. I will not use these pants.