Office to casual! Get the best of both worlds with our range of NONJEANS

Chinos: Our non-jeans range


Be it an important day at work or a casual office party, chinos have the power to transform your look from day-to-night in a snap! Want to wear something casual to the office but denim feels too grunge?

Our non-jeans range is the saviour that you have been waiting for. Team it with a full-sleeved shirt and a tie for your work place and switch the look by throwing a white t-shirt and a jacket to impress everyone at the party. Chinos are for everyone!

Chinos: Our non-jeans range


Have an important meeting lined up and wearing joggers and tracks while travelling is not an option? Opt for your new travel mate: Stretchable Chino Pants. Tailor-made using 98% cotton, our range of ‘non-jeans’ ensure breathability and durability that is of utmost importance when you get back on that track.


We understand the value of comfort and try to instil it at all stages of our tailoring. We have specially curated our non-jeans range to cover all possible qualities of jeans while being acceptable in your workplace. Now hop from one task to another without compromising on your ease, our chinos will ensure that you maintain your “on-the-go” attitude.

Chinos: Our non-jeans range