An edgier version of the classic over shirt, these light jackets are influenced by the Japanese workwear silhouette. Traditionally worn by men, they are the perfect alternative for colder autumn days when you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by heavy jackets.

Make a statement with these comfortable, high-qualityand smart jackets.

The denim material keeps them as good as new for a long time and after many washes, while the dark shade of colour makes it easy to match with any outfit. The jacket is available in two styles you can choose from, either the Kimono-style silhouette or the sweater-style silhouette.

Turn this into your go-to jacket for those days where it’s too chilly to go out without one but still too warm to wear a coat.

The Japanese inspired style of the Noragi allows you to wear it as part of your most professional looks for work events, or as an elegant addition to outfits for formal occasions and even for casual days out in the city.

Complete any look easily and with comfort

Perfect to pack light in your travels, bring it everywhere with you without struggling to carry it around thanks to the light yet high-quality material.

This autumn, let this traditional Japanese Noragi jacket make you stand out.