• Pantherella Danvers Cotton Rib - Ultramarine (6230873348)
  • Pantherella Danvers Cotton Rib - Ultramarine (6230873348)
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Pantherella Danvers Cotton Rib - Ultramarine

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Pantherella Danvers Cotton Rib - Black, 5X3 Rib, 70% Cotton Lisle 30% Nylon

Pantherella Mercerised Cotton Lisle Socks

Our Egyptian Cotton is grown and processed in the Nile Delta and then spun into the highest quality yarn by Filmar in Italy.

The fibers of this Giza 88 Egyptian Cotton is very long, which means that they can be spun into a very fine yarn. These long fibers are also resistant to pilling and therefore make very durable hard-wearing socks.

The Mercerisation process removes all loose fibers from the yarn, meaning that it is completely smooth and fluff-free. The result being that our Mercerised Cotton Lisle socks have a very silky and shiny appearance.

The Mercerisation process also increases the porosity of the yarn, meaning that it can be dyed to a deep, rich and vibrant color palette and retain this color well.

The Egyptian Cotton Pantherella use for Mercerised Cotton Lisle socks has a count of 2/60NE to 2/100NE? this number translates as the thickness and weight of the yarn (2 ply x 60-100 yards per lb).

Pantherella Cotton Lisle Socks are knitted on a 200 needle, fine-gauge machine.

The perfect lightweight, formal dress sock.

How to order

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