Luxire Shirt Collections

Black with Magenta Hairline Stripes

Blue Graph Checks


Blue Royal Oxford 120/2

Luxire Privilege Collection Blue Stripes on White

Blue White Alternate Stripe

White Blue Grey Tatersall Twill

Brown Blue Navy Gingham

Business Shirt-Blue Pencil Stripes

Zegna Soft Blue Candy Stripes

Classic Grey Oxford

Blueish Green University Stripes Oxford

Lustrous Fine White 

Indigo Denim Wabash Printed


Blue Black Green Tattersall Flannel


Green Blue Tartan Plaid

Grey Navy Bengal Stripes 120/2

Blue Small Graph Checks

Monti - Green Gingham

Black White Houndstooth

White Grey Plaid Flannel

Maroon Gingham Flannel

Monti White Peach Stripes 100/2

Moss Green University Stripes Pinpoint Oxford

Navy Black Big Gingham Flannel


Navy Blue with White Grid

Navy White Gingham Classic Oxford

Navy Pique

Navy Sky Tattersall Graph by Monti

Neck Band Closing two Buttons

Blue Pink Oxford Tattersall

Soft Sky Blue Herringbone

Pale Pink Classic Oxford

Linen - Pink Navy Checks

Pink Pencil Stripes on Grey Oxford

Monti Purple White Small Gingham Twill

Red Blue Stripes Oxford

Light Summer Red Graph

Shades Of Autumn Gingham

Summer - Orange Blue Big Tattersall

Tan Brown Tattersall Plaid Flannel

Classic Red Oxford

White Green Dress Stripes

White Grey Stripes Linen

Soft White Herringbone

White Royal Oxford


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